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Samah El Ali is a photographer based in Sydney, Australia.

After 15 years in the travel and tourism industry, Samah decided to chase her dreams and pursue her first true love, photography, as a full time career, after successfully building a strong presence and client base on social media.


Initially introduced to photography at age 14 when her uncle gifted her a camera, she has continued to evolve in this field, delivering creative and intriguing content and continuously evolving as a visually creative artist.


With a constant craving for discovering new places, learning about cultures and challenging herself creatively, she often finds herself appreciating the little details that surround her and loves to capture and share moments that speak to her and tell a story.

Whether capturing moments for Tourism Boards or creating digital content for small businesses, Samah aims to create content that engages and excites the viewer whilst ensuring the clients' strategy and needs are maintained.


Samah is available for tourism projects, product collaborations and digital content creation both domestically and internationally.

For all general inquiries and quotes, please feel free to contact Samah via this form.

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