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Apple (AAPLTech30) has partnered with 15 photographers, based in countries such as Australia, Italy and Mexico, to highlight the festivities with photos taken on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices.

BuzzFeed News spoke to Sydney’s top Instagrammers, asking them to share their secret ingredients for taking epic photographs at the city’s most popular outdoor show, Sculptures By The Sea.

Samah El Ali, Boaz Shemesh and Tim Denoon know a thing or two about taking a good photo.  With all their photos taken on an iPhone, you can’t help but marvel at their snaps.

There’s no shortage of stunning landscapes in Australia. These Instagrammers shared their own MySecretOz – an initiative encouraging people to capture their everyday inspiration.

Prominent users, such as Samah El Ali (@poeticwordvomit), have thrown their weight behind the cause.


The Sydney travel consultant will take part in the Green Island Instameet today and share photos with her 39,000 followers.

"My first post was ridiculous; I drew faces on my fingers and posted it," the 30-year-old says. "But within an hour, I realised what Instagram was all about. It's not just about photos, but also the interaction ... It really is all about being inspired, building connections and interacting with really talented people from around the world."

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